How to not do unit tests:
"Fake it till you make it."

These captive portals for public wifis really need some new unified protocol. The current implementations suck in every way. Some won't work with a custom DNS, some don't work with TLS, etc. Can't be that hard, right?

These content warnings... 

Immer schön, Android-"Endnutzer" dazu aufzufordern, doch mal einen Monat ohne große Plattformen zu versuchen, um zu sehen, was die "freien Alternativen" können. Vielleicht wäre die Gegenrichtung auch mal gut: FLOSS- und Datenschutz-Enthusiasten könnten mal für einen Monat bewusst proprietäre Dienste nutzen, nur um ein Gefühl zu bekommen, wo die im Blick auf Integration, Bedienbarkeit, Leistungsfähigkeit so stehen. Das würde bei manchen Diskussionen helfen.

My brother just gave me the following birthday present: A donation to atmosfair to compensate for a flight we take, since we're required to fly more than usual, as a digital nomad. That's what I call a really considerate gift. Thanks! Love it!

Just got this emergency alert. Seems like this was a test to ensure the NL-Alert system is working properly. Why don't we have tests like this in Germany? Seems like something that could potentially be... important?

Decided to leverage the location-feature of my reminders app. Now, as soon as I arrive at a specific city, I'll get a notification about which people to possibly meet there. So if you'd like to meet up with me, let me know in which city you're in, and I'll note it down!

Quick question: Why is *no one* except Telegram using the Share Menu on macOS? It really frustrates me.

‪Ich: „Du kannst im Output suchen. Dafür musst du grep machen.“‬
@marinade: *tippt crap*‬
‪Ich: *lacht* „nee“‬
@marinade: *tippt crepé*‬

Just deployed my first serverless application. I think I like the concept, and it appears to be the future. Counterpoints?

Who else uses to quickly access the captive portal on free WiFi networks, because it's one of the few domains that don't have encryption enabled by default?

Bye bye Windows. Hello Linux!

First time ever using Linux for my work environment and I just hope it works well (at least better than Windows tho...)

How is it that video ads load immediately, but the video you actually want to watch takes ages to load?

Okay, thanks, I guess. Could you maybe also tell me *why* it failed?

Random fact of the day: Did you know that a large percentage of the webs encryption is based on Lava Lamps?

long_running_command ; [Ctrl-Z] ; bg ; disown ; screen ; reptyr $( pidof long_running_command ) # Suspend and reattach a process within screen.

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