After testing Stadia for few days it feels like a typical Google service...
The way it works may be the future, but you cannot be sure it will still be around as soon as this future arrives.
At least my Chromecast won't overheat as I wouldn't play Destiny 2 with a controller and Samurai Showdown is... strange.
The only game I would play on Stadia which isn't to expansive would be Tomb Raider, but I already own it on PC and PS4...
All other games are to expansive, even the discounted ones.

With 4.5 GB/hr to 20 GB/hr Stadia is also nothing to be considered for mobile gaming.
And at the moment there are just 22 games and no Jump'n'Run.
From time to time I ask myself, if there is something bigger behind Googles strategy with having coutless failed products? Or do they really not know what their customers want?
Where are their self-driving cars? Robots? AR glasses?


@admin Well, they had AR glasses... I think Google really just follows the "move fast, fail fast" approach (, and it did in the past turn out to be the right approach. I would assume Android was the same attempt. It was complete garbage for years but it was there at the right time, and they were basically the only ones that did it besides Apple. In the end, it succeeded. Same with Stadia, I think. If the time isn't right, they'll try a different version in 5 years.

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